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Process Improvement

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Nestlé Case Study

Nestlé was missing print deadlines and encountering numerous last-minute file re-works. Each internal department was meeting its deadlines.

“PRP is outstanding in service and quality. They are reliable, knowledgeable and professional partners.”

The Results

By evaluating the entire Nestlé workflow, PRP discovered that the design department would deliver artwork to a printer and that printer would hold on to the art until it was ready to go to print. The printers would then run through the pre-press process and encounter problems. PRP re-defined printer-ready files by including the pre-press stages before printer handoff and partnered with Nestlé to implement the change.

After the launch of the new process, Nestlé doesn’t experience rush work and re-work of their printing jobs. PRP has been described as its “drama-free” vendor.


Custom Solutions: A solution designed to meet busy deadlines

Drama Free: Offering solutions that don’t need re-fixing

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