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Color Management

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Wonka Case Study

Wonka brand color consistency was suffering on shelf and creating a low-quality brand image/association. Their goals were to maintain color consistency for their Wonka branded items between multiple printers and across multiple substrates, including, plastic, paper and corrugated.

The Results

By using PRP's Print Champions program, Nestlé was able to reduce the color shift of Wonka purple on printed corrugate from 19 ΔΕ to within 3 ΔΕ of the Lab values PRP established with Nestlé. In an ongoing effort to maintain color consistency between multiple printers, PRP has developed, and manages, a brand equity color database by which all projects are measured against. PRP generates quarterly reports to share with both the printers and Nestlé to determine areas of improvement on future projects.


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