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Print Management

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Weaver Popcorn Case Study

Our client needed a way to maintain control over their packaging assets. Their internal teams were also experiencing high turnover leaving little time to train new employees. Files were being lost and Brand consistency was suffering.

PRP had two primary challenges:

1. How can we help our client manage their assets?

2. How can we mitigate the loss of knowledge with internal turnover challenges?

The Results

PRP’s internal file repository was able to solve asset management issues without adding responsibility to internal teams, mitigating the risk of file loss due to loss of knowledge. Our support, as a print management resource, was able to replace duties normally performed in-house thus allowing the client to focus on their core initiatives. PRP’s average tenure of 18 years further reduces any knowledge loss suffered from turnover.

Additionally, PRP was able to reduce costs and offer better service than the major pre-media company previously in use.


File Database: Digital database to access past print files

Support: Reduce workload on internal employees

Budget: Reduced cost over larger competitors

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