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Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Paradise Tomato Case Study

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Paradise Tomato services restaurants and commercial industries with bulk sauce solutions. The company needed to save money in terms of its printing and packaging while maintaining effective file management.

Previously a local pre-media service was tested out as an extended service provider. Unfortunately, the low-cost option failed to produce quality results and caused more issues than it solved. Prints were coming out poorly and quality was not being held to a high standard.

The Results

PRP was introduced through a trusted print vendor. After meeting, PRP was able to build a holistic solution tailor-made to the business needs.

Established and maintain a digital file database. Eliminated printer markups on tooling

By using PRP for all pre-press art (even without PRP making plates) our client is able to maintain an up-to-date digital file database without any management time coming from their teams.


Custom Solutions: A solution designed to meet needs and budget

File Database: Digital database to access past print files

Budget: Eliminated printer markups on tooling

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