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Corrugate and E-Commerce

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

E-Commerce has rapidly grown over the last few years with advancements in technology and versatile features. It has become much easier for brands to sell products directly to consumers through social media, web stores or websites like Amazon or Etsy. That’s what the D2C (Direct to Consumer) approach is all about. Brands making direct sales without involving wholesalers, distributors, or retailers. It gives ownership to brands over their business and data that helps build a more personalized relationship with customers.

The booming global e-commerce industry has emerged as a major growth factor for corrugated cases worldwide. Its’ tremendous strength, recyclability, customizable print, and low weight are features that ensure safe and reliable product delivery. The E-Commerce sector is now adopting the growing trend of utilizing digital printing technology for corrugate packaging. It has helped grow demand for Double Side printed corrugated by 3.7% to 4.2% annually.

Like other technologies, corrugated printing is also evolving to provide much more advanced capabilities with wider color ranges, high-definition imagery, creative shapes and designs. Double-sided printing on corrugate boxes increases the chance to give sound impressions to buyers. It provides an opportunity for small or medium-sized brands to advertise and market their products in the fulfillment stage with delightful or informative messaging such as manifestos, social handles, ingredients lists, and instructions. There’s no limit to creative ideas you can adopt when double-sided printing is involved.

Durable and eco friendly

Corrugated packaging is created with three layers of paper, an outer smooth liner, middle liner shaped into rows of air columns that act as a cushion and provide stack strength and crush resistance to keep internal items safe, and an inner smooth liner. These cases are considered eco-friendly, are biodegradable and may be made with recycled materials.

Ideal Choice for All Types of Businesses

Double-sided printing can be used for different types of products, including beauty & care, food & beverages, household, electronics, sports, and more. High-quality materials, custom designing, easy manufacture and distribution make them the perfect choice for any type of business. Create your own styles, colors and logos that fit your product type and company profile. Build your own design, build your own brand.

Effective Marketing and Advertising for All Firms

It’s an economical solution to promote a product by displaying its specific features directly on the packaging and attract customers. It provides effective communication with your targeted audience. Double-Sided printed corrugated displays allow low budget firms to boost their marketing & advertising efforts and save their huge investment. It has become a key formula for directly promoting your products in the market. In the e-commerce world, Double Side printed case designs merged with targeted advertising can create the potential to make the ultimate marketing bomb, irrespective of your budget!

Brand Recognition

In this ever-growing era of social media, there is a trend of unboxing videos of almost every product that people love to watch and follow. Stunning and eye-catching designs can be made for product packaging using Double Side printed corrugate boxes. It attracts many people around social media to make unboxing videos for you or you can make one by yourself. The whole process creates a reputation for your brand and more people begin to recognize it.

Safe Delivery

The main demand of every customer is a high-quality product of their choice received safely in stunning packaging. However, with D2C markets, the dreaded porch pirate has become a reality that needs special attention. Partly to deceive and partly to camouflage porch deliveries, many brands have adopted simple kraft paper graphics for their outside graphics. It’s upon opening the package that brands can make use of elegant graphics and styles to make their customers feel very special.



E-commerce is becoming huge for most box manufacturers. Preference is usually based on what their client is willing to spend. Some businesses just need a basic shipper, while others see this box as ‘an introduction to their brand’. Those businesses prefer multicolor work on both outside and inside of the package.

The industry is now seeing more two-sided printing presses on the market. Most will have finish capabilities in-line, so they know immediately if print and folds match up. This equipment is set up in several configurations, from basic single color inside and outside, to multicolor on each side. Communication is necessary between the printer and pre-press provider and must happen early to eliminate issues.

Catching up with customer demand and advancements in the industry can be challenging from the printing point of view. Careful handling, detailed designing, and timely replacement of printing equipment that can affect results are essential in responding to the emerging market of Double Side printed packaging.

CAD Drawings

Communication between the printer and pre-press house is critical. They both must be on the same page from the start so the pre-press provider can prepare the files for the correct side of print. For all 2-side printed boxes, only a single CAD drawing is used. Once the artist builds the files and creates art for approval, the printer and their customer must confirm the files are correct before moving forward.

Ghost Prints

If both sides are not printed at the same time, the ink on each side needs to be completely dry before it’s run thru again. If not, it could offset (print a ghost impression) onto the other side of the sheet.

Press logistics

Most printers will run board thru twice using the same press unless they have a top and bottom combined printer. Others might switch to a different piece of equipment due to its in-line capabilities. Scheduling of press time may be difficult and time consuming.


Registration of printing on 2 sides could pose additional challenges as well, as it may require running many sheets thru to ensure the cut and fold match up.

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