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Meet Our President


Kellie Green

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President of PRP

Experienced President with a history of working in the packaging industry 35+ years. Skilled in Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Negotiation, Sales Management and Sales. Strong business development professional studied at Indiana State University & Buffalo State University.


With strong communication and vision for the future, she is determined in seeking solutions for PRP's goals, always looking ahead 5-10 years. In the past, she has identified, define, and communicated anticipated results through collective efforts to achieve these goals.

"PRP does very well with cultural and technological adaptations. We have a dedicated and talented team of people whom are forward-thinking. We build on past achievements to improve current processes and well as develop new ideas based on research, ingenuity, and creativity."

Leadership Philosophy:

She is an advocate of evaluating theories or beliefs in terms of the success of practical application. There are so many intricacies and quick-paced changes in this industry that sharing knowledge, teaching, and leading the path to its inevitable conclusion when possible is always something she tries to do. There is ALWAYS something new to learn!

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